Got Some Questions? We Got Answers!

    Is there an age limit?
We do not have a formal age limit, but Imagination Village is recommended for children 1-6 years of age.

    Are socks required?
While socks are not required, we ask that on rainy, muddy, or snow days, children and adults play in their socks or barefoot to avoid the playroom becoming too messy.

    Can we bring snacks?
Snacks and drinks are permitted for both parents and children. They must be consumed in the Parent's Park and must not contain nuts of any kind.

    Do children have to be checked in?
Yes, please. We ask that a parent sign all children in and out of the playroom. The sign-up sheet can be found at the front counter.

    Can children be dropped off?
Parents and guardians (18+) must stay on site (except for designated drop-off events) and are responsible for supervising their children at all times.

Playroom Rules (We don't have many, but we have some!)

* Parents and guardians are responsible for supervising their child(ren) at all times.

* Shoes are optional, but we ask that on rainy, muddy, or snow days, kids and adults play in their   socks or barefoot.

* No toys or costumes allowed in parent's area or bathroom.

* No strollers please! (You don't need them, we promise.)

* Please store purses/diaper bags in the available cubicles.

* No chewing gum allowed in the playroom.

* We would hate for a beloved toy to get left behind, please keep all outside toys in parent's area.

* While outside food and drink is permitted, serving cake or cupcakes during open play hours is   strictly prohibited without written permission of management. Customers not adhering to this rule   will be asked to leave or will be assessed a $100 semi-private party fee. For information on our   fantastically fun birthday parties, click here.

* Even though we strive to be safe, bumps and spills may happen, so we ask that parents sign a   waiver prior to entering the facility for each child in their care. This waiver only needs to be signed   on your first visit.

* As a courtesy to all our guests, we ask that children exhibiting symptoms of contagious illness visit   us only when they are well.

* Safety and hygiene are important to us! Toys and surfaces are cleaned several times throughout   the day using natural and botanical products and the facility is completely sanitized every evening.